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ROYAL SBC accompanies the improvement of Vietnamese people’s health – Vietnamese Ginseng for Vietnamese people through a full range of clean and nutritious products.


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Royal Ginseng is a rare type of ginseng, which was cultivated by the Cham people in the Chau Bo Ginseng region more than 300 years ago. This is a valuable herb from the time of King Le Thanh Tong. However, this precious type of ginseng was once lost for a long period. Until 2017, the people of Truong Son started to research and successfully revitalized the seed and cultivation method for this plant. By 2019, the ginseng plant variety was officially grown successfully, and actual Royal Ginseng tubers were harvested in the market. Continuing the journey, by 2021, SBC ROYAL CORPORATION has developed a cultivation area with ginseng seeds in the A Luoi Mountain region – at an altitude over 1000m compared to sea level, with a suitable climate and soil covering a comprehensive farming method in harmony with nature. The company is currently showing the strength in bringing the value of ginseng health care to the community through a set of products: fresh ginseng, ginseng tea, ginseng bath, bird’s nest ginseng, ginseng energy drink, ginseng wine, ginseng candy, ginseng tea, ginseng cooling tea, ginseng extract, ginseng honey, ginseng cake, etc.

Sâm Bố Chính ngâm mật ong

The Benefits of Korean Ginseng

1/ Enhancing Health:
– Boosting the immune system’s resistance
– Promoting postpartum, post-illness, and post-surgery recovery
2/ Supporting Cancer Treatment:
– Limiting the growth of cancer cells
3/ Enhancing Sexual Function:
– Improving sexual performance and satisfaction for both men and women
– Stimulating the pituitary gland to increase sex hormone production
4/ Anti-Aging Effects:
– Promoting skin beauty and reducing wrinkles
– Saponins have antioxidant effects, slowing down the aging process
5/ Supporting Diabetes Treatment:
– Regulating blood sugar levels
– Enhancing insulin sensitivity
6/ Assisting Digestive Health:
– Aiding in the treatment of gastric issues
7/ Supporting Respiratory Health:
– Protecting the throat and fighting inflammation
– Killing Streptococcus bacteria causing throat inflammation
– Reducing cough, clearing phlegm, and preventing cough and fever symptoms
8/ Psychological Support:
– Improving mental well-being
– Preventing anxiety, depression, and fatigue
– Combating insomnia
9/ Supporting Joint and Bone Health:
– Providing calcium and lubrication for joints
10/ Body Detoxification:
– Assisting in the elimination of toxins and pathogens
11/ Supporting Liver, Kidney, Lung, and Vision Health:
– Enhancing and restoring liver, kidney, lung, and vision functions
-Preventing depression, fatigue, insomnia, and improving mental well-being
12/ Treating Appetite Loss in Children:
– Helping children improve appetite and growth issues